MAKInterface is in the best way suitable to connect a organizer or calculator with a PC, if the hardware of the device allows this. It is compatible to every available commercial and freeware / shareware software.

A Casio SF-4600B with the Shareware Software Casif


Besides MAKInterface you will need only a cable and plug, that will fit into your device. In most cases a stereo plug 2.5mm is used, that is also available in our product range.

Pinouts for various devices are given in the Support menu.

00115Art. 00115
59.00 EUR
88.50 USD
MAKInterface Pro LP with build-in crystal 3.579 MHz and exchangeable crystal 6.0 MHz


00400Art. 00400
7.90 EUR
11.85 USD
Jack plug/cable 3 pole, 2.5mm/3.5mm, for all full+half duplex combinations

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